#RisingYouth Impact Model

Our impact model illustrates a working concept of a sustainable ecosystem where we all play a role of supporting and contributing to the growth of the flower, represented as a blossoming youth, and their ideas for social change through their community service projects. In turn, they enable current and future generations (the seeds) with opportunities to shape a future reflective of their visions and values.

The aim of working together as a coalition is to ensure young people's ideas flourish (represented by the imagery of cross-pollination) and enable the flower to reproduce and inspire another seed with an idea for change. The National Coalition, Impact Partners, and community members ensure that next generation, (the seed) is healthy with strong community foundations (represented by the bed of soil) to repeat the cycle in a way that promotes growth with support from the moon (funds through Rising Youth Community Service Grants) and sunshine (public showcase of projects).

Diagram by TakingITGlobal #RisingYouth Team members Melissa Yaw, Jamal Tekleweld, Kim Boucher-Morin, Aicha Allaoui, Jennifer Corriero, and Michael Furdyk together with artist Nyle Miigizi Johnston.